Month: February 2018


27th February 2018

The use of AdBlue emulators is firmly on the radar of the DVSA and Traffic Commissioners with Commissioners putting them in the same category as fitting a magnet to falsify...

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Vehicle emissions

14th February 2018

Efficiency and environmental impact are the two most pressing issues to challenge the road haulage industry in many decades. Although road haulage has a core culture of safe, fuel-efficient driving,...

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More Clean Air Zones confirmed

13th February 2018

Motorhome owners have been warned more towns and cities are looking to penalise high-polluting vehicles in the future, with some planning to introduce CAZs (Clean Air Zones) in areas of...

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Haulage boss banned from his business after turning a blind eye to emissions cheat device

12th February 2018

Haulier Stephen Harris has been told he must wind down his business within weeks after turning a blind eye to an emissions cheat device. A vehicle examiner found that a...

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Carmakers that cheat emissions rules may face criminal charges and unlimited fines

2nd February 2018

The British government is set to introduce tough measures to crack down on car manufacturers that cheat emissions rules. Why advertise with us New powers would mean that the government could...

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