What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a very high purity aqueous urea solution used in selective catalytic reduction. The chemical make-up of the AdBlue® is used to create a reaction with the noxious gases emitted by diesel engines to convert a proportion of the gases into harmless substances.

Do I need AdBlue®?

If your vehicle requires AdBlue® it will have a separate tank, usually with a blue plastic cap labelled AdBlue®, there will also most likely be a gauge in the cab to show how much is in the tank.

Can I get away with not using it?

If your vehicle has been designed to work with AdBlue® then in a word NO. If you run out of AdBlue® your vehicle will warn you of this and may cut the engine power down.

I can buy a kit to remove the need for AdBlue®

Various aftermarket “magic boxes” are available to mimic the presence of AdBlue® but you use these entirely at your own risk, they are illegal and eventually you will be caught and suffer the consequences. Using licenced high quality AdBlue® has proven to be a very reliable system of emission reduction and is the only real answer in the long run.

Does it affect my vehicles engine?

No. AdBlue® is injected into the exhaust and does not physically affect the engine in any way. It is NOT a fuel additive and should NEVER be put into your diesel tank.

Is it safe to handle?

AdBlue® is a non-hazardous product and so is safe to handle. However use of gloves is advised, for more information please see our AdBlue® MSDS.

Is one brand of AdBlue® better than any other?

AdBlue® must firstly be produced under licence from VDA as it is a registered trademark and secondly it must fall within the specification outlined by ISO 22241. So in truth all AdBlue® is the same, providing it falls into the specification all AdBlue® is of equal quality.

I know where I can buy automotive urea solution

AdBlue® is simple to make, it is water and urea mixed together. However getting it to the required quality requires more than just this. AdBlue® is made from very pure demineralised water and urea that is uncoated and produced specifically for the purpose of AdBlue®. Agricultural urea produces a very cloudy solution that may harm your SCR system. Although it is possible to have this form of “AdBlue®” pass an ISO 22241 test it is unlikely that the producer will try and so you have no guarantees of product strength or quality. Again buy this at your own risk, SCR systems can cost thousands to replace, only with genuine AdBlue® can you be sure of its quality.

How do I know my dispensing equipment is suitable?

In general, equipment purchased from a reputable supplier will be compatible, they should be able to answer any questions you have. AdBlue® is corrosive to some materials such as ferrous metals – mild steel for example, non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminium and alloys of any of these mentioned. This can lead to contamination of the AdBlue® and send it out of specification. If you suspect this has happened, we recommend you seek advice from your AdBlue® supplier. Common compatible materials include stainless steel (304/L or 316/L), HDPE plastic and PP Plastic. Most rubber hosing that IS compatible with AdBlue® will state so on it, plastics/rubbers that were coated with nickel or zinc in their manufacturing process are NOT compatible. These lists are not exclusive lists, there are many more materials that are and are not compatible with AdBlue® however those listed here are among the most common.

How do I store my AdBlue®?

When stored in optimum conditions it is expected that your AdBlue® will have a safe shelf life of 18 months. Optimum conditions are defined as being out of direct sunlight, stored below 25 degrees Celsius, stored in a clean and dust free environment and stored away from any other chemicals that could potentially contaminate it. The product must also be stored in containers (including bulk tanks) made from compatible materials.

Where can I find an MSDS for your product?

You can download an MSDS for AdBlue® here.

How much does it cost?

Easy – call us on sales@noxdownuk.com for a quote suited to you. You can also call if you would like any technical advice on AdBlue®, we are always happy to help.